About Us

The crew at Statewide Towing are hard working, fully licensed and insured professionals who take their work seriously. Each dispatcher, technician, mechanic and driver are crucial members of the team. Their respect for the dangers associated with working with heavy equipment in a roadside environment means every job will be done in the safest possible manner. Their extensive experience means that the job will get done right.

No matter how demanding a situation, the crew always has time for a smile and some fun. Try testing their sense of humor, if you can get to it before they test yours!

Tow Trucks, Big Rigs, Motors, Engines, Transmissions, Cranes, Crashes, Accidents...it all sounds like stuff out a comic book. Toby Watson has been passionate about the towing industry since before he purchased his first truck 15 years ago. His company has grown to include two locations and a fleet of 18 amazing trucks ranging from standard auto haulers to a 45-Ton 360 degree rotating boom truck. Toby is one of the lucky ones who gets to live out the comic book dreams of his youth.

Every truck in the fleet is immaculately maintained and outfitted with the latest tools and equipment. When Statewide Towing arrives on the scene, they arrive prepared and they arrive in style. Every truck is decorated with award winning paint & graphics. The Disney characters, which are a common theme in the graphics, have been known to lighten the mood of more than one child, and grownup, in the midst of an otherwise dismal roadside situation.

When you need the assistance of a towing & recovery company, or roadside service on your vehicle or heavy equipment, there is no team in Maine more prepared and more willing to help than the Statewide Towing.