Fleet Service

Statewide-Towing & Repair offers discounted pricing for your commercial fleet of automobiles, light duty and heavy duty trucks. maine-ly-towing-fleet.jpg

Minimize Downtime

Downtime means a loss of revenue, and cutting downtime is one of the primary concerns of a Fleet Manger. Our experts are dedicated to your needs as a Fleet Manager.

Keep your business from losing precious time while stranded on the side of the road with our fleet services. Our immediate response team will repair or recover your stranded fleet vehicle, and transport it, or the cargo, to its original destination with a minimal loss of time.

Roadside Repair

Onsite or roadside delivery and installation of quick fix parts is also available (batteries, tires, belts, hoses). When you use our fleet service we get to know your vehicles and the parts they need so you can get back on the road fast.

Maintenance Program

Minimize or eliminate your fleet downtime with a comprehensive and regular preventative maintenance program from Statewide Towing & Repair. We’ll keep your equipment running in top notch condition. Just like it was part of our own fleet. Now that’s quality you can’t just find anywhere!

Contact our office today to discuss a Commercial Fleet Towing contract.