Vehicle Towing

Do you need to be towed into the shop for repairs, or require long distance towing throughout Maine and New England? Our tow truck service is dedicated to providing you fast service 24 hours a day.

Statewide Towing dispatchers are ready to take your call.

24Hrs Local and Long Distance Towing: Our fleet consists of flatbed and wheel-lift style tow trucks. Statewide Towing was one of the first companies in the Maine to start using wheel-lift technology.

We appreciate and support the qualities of both small and large service facilities, as well as the right of customers to be towed to the service facility they prefer.

But the right equipment is of no use without the right experience to use it. Most of our drivers have been with us since the company was founded. It's a pretty sure bet that we've "been there and done that." We'll be able to handle your job, regardless. If we can't literally tow it, we can put it on a flatbed and haul it.

Motorcycle Transport: Motorcycle transport is safely accomplished either with our tilt cycle trailer or our tow trucks equipped with our custom hydraulic cycle lift with no lifting from above. It utilizes the same technology as the new wheel-lift systems used for new high tech cars that lift from under the tires. The cycle lift can easily lift and tow even when the ignition, steering or drive train is locked.

Auto Unlock: Locked your keys in the car? Left your keys in the trunk? No problem, we are here for you! We are just one phone call away!

Flat Bed: For all 4 x 4 vehicles we offer our flatbed services.

Jump Start: Battery Dead? No problem! At Statewide Towing high-power voltage-regulated starting units are used. If you are paying for a jump, we think you deserve more than a non-voltage regulated jump start from a set of jumper cables attached to a regular vehicle battery, as is the practice of our competition.

Air/Tire Change: Have a flat tire? No problem! We understand that changing a tire can be dangerous in a busy city; therefore, we are at your service. Call us anytime to change your tire!

Off Road Recovery: In case of an emergency, if you find your car to be off the road we will send our fully loaded truck to pull you back onto the road and tow you to a safe location.

Out of Gas or Diesel?: We offer a gas & diesel delivery service all across the greater Augusta, ME and Wiscasset, ME areas. If you find that you have run out of gas, give us a call and we will bring the gas to you and get you back on your way.

Statewide Towing dispatchers are ready to take your call.